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  • The Global Centre for Pluralism’s headquarters in Ottawa is a heritage building that formerly housed the Public Archives of Canada (1905-1967), followed by the War Museum (1967-2005).
    GCP / Marc Fowler
  • His Highness the Aga Khan and the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, at the official opening of the Global Centre for Pluralism’s new international headquarters at 330 Sussex Drive in Ottawa, Canada.
    Patrick Doyle / GCP
  • Kofi Annan delivering the annual Pluralism Lecture organised by the Global Centre for Pluralism.
    Bonnie Findley / Global Centre for Pluralism
  • Adrienne Clarkson, former Governor-General of Canada and member of the Global Centre for Pluralism’s Board of Directors, delivered closing remarks at the GCP Annual Lecture 2013.
    Bonnie Findley (Global Centre for Pluralism)
  • Centre’s inaugural Secretary-General and senior Canadian diplomat John McNee addressing the audience at the Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat in Ottawa at the Global Centre for Pluralism’s Annual Pluralism Lecture series, may 2012.
    Mark Holleran
Global Centre for Pluralism

Through research, education and dialogue, the Centre seeks to advance understanding of the sources of inclusion and exclusion in Canada and globally. It also presents the Global Pluralism Award in recognition of outstanding achievements that support more inclusive societies worldwide.

The Centre is a joint partnership between the Government of Canada and His Highness the Aga Khan.  Inspired by Canada’s experience as a diverse and inclusive country, the Centre’s work advances global understanding of pluralism and positive responses to the challenge of living peacefully and productively together in diverse societies. The Centre’s programmes:

  • Initiate understanding of the sources of inclusion and exclusion in Canada and around the world,
  • Chart pathways to pluralism in specific places and cases,
  • Catalyze knowledge exchange and learning on the policies and practices that support pluralism.

The Centre defines pluralism as a set of values and actions, founded on respect for diversity, which support and sustain inclusive societies.  In pluralist societies, choices are made to ensure the full participation of all people in political, economic and socio-cultural life.

The Centre is based in Canada – a country that illustrates what can be achieved with a commitment to pluralism. As an expression of this commitment, the Government of Canada has contributed CAD 45 million to the Centre’s Endowment Fund.  In turn, His Highness the Aga Khan has committed an equivalent amount with CAD 10 million directed toward the Endowment Fund and CAD 35 million for the rehabilitation of 330 Sussex Drive in Ottawa, which became the Centre’s international headquarters in 2017.  

In 2017, the Centre launched the Global Pluralism Award to celebrate extraordinary examples of pluralism in action.  A renowned international jury selected three winners and seven honourable mentions for the inaugural Award. The winners were presented with their Award at a ceremony in November:

  • Leyner Palacios Asprilla, Founder, Committee for the Rights of Bojayá Victims, Colombia;
  • Alice Wairimu Nderitu, Senior Advisor for Africa, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, Kenya;
  • and Daniel Webb, Director of Legal Advocacy, Human Rights Law Centre, Australia.

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