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  • Pre-school students at an early learning centre in rural Bangladesh play and learn with toys handcrafted by parents in the community.
    AKFC / Thomas Kelly
  • Community midwife Zahida Bano listens to the fetal heart rate of her patient in Ghizer, Pakistan.
    AKFC / Danial Shah
  • Farmers in Mozambique work together to test new farming inputs and methods, like improved seeds and cultivation practices that protect the soil.
    AKFC / Lucas Cuervo Moura
  • A community savings group meets in the village of Chasnood Bala, Afghanistan, where they each save 50 afghanis per month to invest in their families and businesses.
    AKDN / Andrew Quilty
  • Every year, thousands of Canadians participate in AKFC’s initiatives to raise awareness and funds in the fight against global poverty.
    AKFC / Kyle Robinson
Aga Khan Foundation Canada

Established in 1980, Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) has transformed the lives of millions in Africa and Asia.  AKFC’s work demonstrates that change is possible when poverty is tackled on multiple fronts, over the long-term, and with communities in charge.  AKFC believes that lasting progress depends on partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders overseas and in Canada – from local individuals and communities to local and international businesses, governments and non-governmental organisations.  Many of its efforts are undertaken in cooperation with the Government of Canada, through Global Affairs Canada. Sign up to AKFC’s mailing list to stay updated on news, events, and opportunities.

AKFC's work

Good health, quality education, economic opportunity, gender equality, clean water and air, nutritious food, and space to participate in civic life: these are the cornerstones of a more peaceful, prosperous, and pluralist world.  AKFC works alongside women and men to build a strong foundation for the future, and make sure they possess the knowledge and tools to sustain development gains over the long term.

AKFC's approach

AKFC's approach to development reflects a commitment to:

  • Embrace complexity. Poverty is complex, so AKFC works on multiple fronts to improve quality of life.
  • Build self-reliance. Communities know best what barriers stand in their way.  AKFEC listens, and provides the support they need to break down those barriers.  
  • Invest in the long term. Change is generational, and so is the Fondation's commitment to the places where it works.  AKFC invests in local, permanent systems of education and health as well as institutions like universities and hospitals to drive development for generations to come.
  • Work in partnership. No one has all the answers.  AKFC collaborates with individuals, communities, governments, local and international businesses, academic and civil society institutions, and other AKDN agencies to coordinate efforts and learn from each other.
  • Foster gender equality. The institution's programmes ensure that women, men, girls, and boys reach their full potential, share in decision-making, benefit from resources and services, and enjoy equal status.
  • Promote pluralism. Diversity makes society stronger.  AKFC is committed to inclusive development, where everyone has opportunity – regardless of age, gender, beliefs, ethnicity, or background.

In Canada

In Canada, AKFC undertakes a range of initiatives to engage and inform Canadians about global development; channels skills and expertise to support its programmes in Africa and Asia; and promotes learning and knowledge exchange within the Canadian development sector.  Canadians can participate through a variety of channels, including exhibitions, conferences, youth workshops, and seminars – and through work and volunteer opportunities in Canada and overseas.  Many of these activities draw on the global expertise of other AKDN agencies and are undertaken with financial support from the Government of Canada and in partnership with Canadian academic and civil society organisations.

Thanks to thousands of committed volunteers and supporters across the country, AKFC raises millions of dollars every year through its World Partnership Walk and World Partnership Golf campaigns to support AKFC’s development work.