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Current Juntos! partners

Current Juntos! partners

ActionAid Mozambique, international humanitarian organisation active in the areas of education, health and the eradication of poverty and injustice.

AMODEFA, non-profit association that aims to contribute to family stability through information campaigns, education and communication, and economic initiatives.

Ariel Glaser, an arm of the Elizabeth Glaser Foundation, aims to strengthen public institutions and civil society in the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Associação PROGRESSO, association promoting reading, teacher training and the publishing of teaching materials for both children and adults.

CESC, non-profit organisation dedicated to facilitating learning and capacity building for civil society organisations at the local level, with 11 members in Maputo and 20 in the districts.

ECoSida, association of 50 large, medium and small businesses mobilising the business community in Mozambique to fight HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

FDC, the Foundation for Community Development, a private, non-profit organisation working to promote development, democracy and social justice by supporting grassroots community organisations.

FORCOM, national forum of 46 community radios, focused on improving the coordination and work done by community radio stations.

Forum Mulher, a network of 84 women's organisations, associations, institutions and donors dedicated to promoting equality, justice and women's empowerment in Mozambique.

HACI, national non-profit organisation collaborating with governmental and non-governmental entities to organise events focused on families to ensure the full development and well-being of children in Mozambique.

Manhiça Foundation, non-profit health research centre promoting and conducting biomedical research in priority areas.

MASC, mechanism for supporting civil society organisations that seeks to improve governance and accountability to Mozambican citizens.

N´weti – Comunicação para Saúde, non-profit organisation working on improving the health of Mozambicans through communication interventions that promote social change at the individual and community levels.

REDE CAME, a network of 30 civil society organisations and religious bodies partnering with government institutions to fight child abuse.

Rede da Criança, forum of 158 NGOs and 11 focal points working on behalf of disadvantaged children in Mozambique.

ROSC, civil society forum of Mozambican and international CSOs working to improve the lives of children in Mozambique, particularly by promoting children's rights.

UNIDOS – RNCD (Rede Nacional Contra Droga), non-profit organisation strengthening the capacity of community-based organisations, national NGOs, youth organisations and women's associations to fight drug use, poverty and HIV/AIDS.

Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, the oldest institution of higher education in Mozambique, UEM houses CAICC, a centre dedicated to expanding the use of ICT in production processes, service delivery and teaching and learning in collaboration with 158 community radio stations.

Universidade Pedagógica, the second largest public university in Mozambique, dedicated to teacher training, is a pioneer in distance learning/teaching.

Zizile – Instituto Para o Desenvolvimento da Primeira Infância, non-governmental, non-profit organisation working to strengthen the capacity of social actors to improve the quality of life of Mozambican children.