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About the AKDN Digital Health Resource Centre


AKDN dHeath programme 2013-2017

See how the AKDN Digital Health Programme is saving patients time and money in this video


Research project - Movies4Stroke: Short Videos to Improve Outcomes Among Stroke Survivors and Caregivers


Impact of teleconsultations - Nazrigul and Bekmamad visited different hospitals in hope for a diagnosis for their baby daughter. It wasn’t until they brought her to Khorog Oblast General Hospital and were referred for a teleconsultation with a specialist at National Medical Centre, that they found out their daughter had Down Syndrome. In this video they talk about how they received much needed diagnosis and treatment for their daughter through our teleconsultation service.


Research Project ‘Teeko’ – An mHealth App helping improve routine immunisation coverage



Research Project: Movies4Stroke: An mHealth application designed to educate stroke survivors and their families


Online Course in digital health: A year-long, certificate course in digital health



Nighedaasht is an innovative mobile app developed for use by community midwives in the field to provide improved access to maternal care services in rural, remote communities.

AKDN Digital Health Programme Provides Telesurgery Services in Kyrgyz Republic

AKDN Digital Health Programme in Afghanistan

AKDN Digital Health Programme in Pakistan II (2017)

AKDN Digital Health Programme in Kyrgyz Republic

AKDN Digital Health Programme in Tajikistan