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About us

The Aga Khan Development Network Digital Health Resource Centre (AKDN dHRC) was established in 2011 to provide strategic digital health support to the Aga Khan Development Network health agencies and their partner health institutions with managing their digital health operations. Leveraging the exponential growth in mobile technology, AKDN dHRC also focuses on mobile application development to address health issues prevalent in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). The Centre develops and implements mHealth apps to create awareness in target populations, streamline processes and empower governments to monitor their health care system. The aim is to strengthen health systems and improve health outcomes of poor and medically underserved communities. AKDN dHRC employs Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to support the assessment, development and implementation of eHealth activities and programmes of its clients in Asia and Africa.

eHealth programmes supported by AKDN dHRC improve the health status of communities in which AKDN operates by linking health institutions and health providers, promote comprehensive and coordinated care to communities and minimise the barriers of distance and time. Through the introduction and application of ICT, the Centre improves the quality of health care provision, makes health care accessible to people with reduced access, builds capacity of health care professionals and ultimately, strengthens health systems in low- and middle-income countries. AKDN dHRC’s work focuses on three areas: Service Delivery, Research and Product Development.

Digital health

Digital health is the use of electronic means such as Information and Communication Technology to improve the quality of care, enhance the managerial and clinical capacities of health personnel, promote relevant research, share information for decision-support and promote behaviour change among communities living in rural and isolated areas. – World Health Organization

Digital health applications

Consultation at a distance via video conferencing or store-and-forward mode, resulting in improved access to timely information, improved diagnosis and as a result, improved care.

Professional development and capacity building via ICT to facilitate learning at a distance among health professionals to increase their knowledge and enhance clinical and managerial skills. eLearning builds knowledge about eHealth allowing health professionals to become comfortable with using eHealth tools.

Mobile devices and mobile connectivity supporting health-related activities, thereby enhancing health promotion, disease prevention and behavioural change communication.

Health informatics
Capturing, processing, storing and retrieving health and business-related information thereby improving access to patient information and decision-making for the health of individuals. Health informatics also promotes business intelligence – using data in a meaningful way to make more informed health decisions.