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Schools2030 official teaser

What is the Schools2030 initiative and what does it seek to achieve?

“…Most large-scale international education reform initiatives start with a globally designed intervention to improve learning outcomes. At Schools2030 we flip this mindset and start from the classroom level – we believe educational change can only happen when it is initiated and owned by teachers, learners and school communities,” says Dr Bronwen Magrath, Global Programme Manager at the Aga Khan Foundation and lead of the Schools2030 initiative.

“The Aga Khan Foundation’s work – in education and in other social sectors – has always been about working alongside communities.  Our strength lies in these very deep-rooted and longstanding relationships of trust. Schools2030 really builds on this experience…”

Schools2030 is based in 1,000 government schools across 10 countries, where over the next 10 years it will work with teachers, students and school leaders to define educational challenges and design solutions to those challenges.

For a deeper dive into Schools 2030, watch this documentary How can Human-Centred Design get Teachers to Innovate and Help Achieve SDG4?