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Reporting for duty: Olga’s story

“Since I was seven, that was my dream. To become a nurse. I had a grandfather who was also a nurse so that motivated me even more.”

Since Olga Albino was seven years old, she dreamed of growing up to become a nurse like her grandfather. She recently graduated from the Pemba Nursing School in Mozambique, with a goal of working to save the lives of women and their newborns.

In Mozambique, 1 in 67 women die due to complications in pregnancy and childbirth; and 1 in 18 infants die before their first birthday.  With the support of the Government of Canada, the Aga Khan Foundation’s investments in the Pemba Nursing School in Mozambique have helped teachers provide a better education for aspiring nurses – particularly those specialising in maternal and neonatal care.

Watch this video today on International Nurses Day.

Footage for this film was taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.