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Finding her voice: Adiba's story

“We don’t need to prove that women are strong. Women are already strong. Our mission is to change the perception of people.”

Adiba grew up in a rural community in northern Pakistan, where traditional gender roles prevent women and girls from making decisions about their bodies and lives. Now 20 years old, she gathers girls and young women in her community to discuss issues of gender equality and develops theatre performances on topics such as gender discrimination, gender-based violence and women’s roles in decision-making. 

In northern Pakistan, the Aga Khan Foundation has worked with over 1,100 community groups and women’s organisations to improve women’s health and promote their empowerment.  The project, supported by the Government of Canada, has reached more than 340,000 women aged 15 and up, across this remote and rural region. 

This film was originally published on the AKF Canada website.  Footage was taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.