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Celebrating 40 years of excellence in nursing

In December 2020, the Aga Khan University School of Nursing and Midwifery (AKU-SONAM) in Pakistan marked 40 years of excellence in nursing education and practice.

Opened in 1980, the School has collaborated with several public and private sector institutions, regulatory bodies and federations, and NGOs within Pakistan and internationally. This has enabled it to bring a diverse pool of expertise in developing innovative curriculum and evidence-based practices and has created opportunities for its faculty and students to connect with knowledge experts in Pakistan and globally.

The School’s impact on the development of nursing in Pakistan has been remarkable.  Its curriculum has served as a template for the national nursing curriculum and its focus on community health has inspired other schools to follow its example.

AKU nursing alumni act as change agents and leaders by providing outstanding care and by helping to improve the quality of care provided by other nurses. They lead nursing schools, serve as hospital head nurses and help professional organisations.

Watch this video about the School’s transformational journey over the past four decades, the impact it has created and its future aspirations.