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  • His Excellency President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa makes remarks at the Prize-Giving ceremony of the inaugural Aga Khan Music Awards.
    AKDN / Akbar Hakim
Aga Khan Music Awards prize-giving ceremony at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Your Highness, and a very dear host of this weekend – unforgettable weekend,
Ladies and gentlemen,

It is so dangerous having to improvise after your speech that no President of the Republic is ready to do it. But anyway, I will say four short points.

The first one is to congratulate very warmly for this prize. It is a way of building bridges, of globalising in a very human way. Putting people together. A little bit what we Portuguese people think some way of being. A platform between cultures, civilisations, oceans and continents.

In a way, this prize is a start of a long journey together. You and us, thinking of peace in the world, multilateralism, dialogue, a common fight against intolerance, and for people -  and music is a good way of doing this.

Second, a word to salute the winners- they deserve this word because they are the best.

Third, to recall something that is very especially in our thoughts today, yours and our thoughts, which is Mozambique. The sorrow and solidarity towards the country and the society, most of us know very well. A love, and so, we are with them in this very difficult moment of their lives.

Fourth, Your Highness I think I can’t resist announcing, if you allow me, that His Highness is for several weeks, a Portuguese citizen. It is an honour and a pleasure for us. I am very proud of having you as a Portuguese citizen, together, with being as you are, a citizen of the world.