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  • In her address, Kenya’s First lady, Her Excellency Margaret Kenyatta, thanked Princess Zahra, the AKDN and partners for the launch of the cardiology programme and state-of-the-art Cath Lab stating that it will expand the access to quality diagnostic, timely and accurate treatment not only to the Coastal communities but the entire country. With the First Lady is Princess Zahra Aga Khan.
    AKDN / Aziz Islamshah
Opening of the first cardiac catheterisation laboratory at the Aga Khan Hospital, Mombasa

Princess Zahra Aga Khan
Development partners
Distinguished Guest Ladies and Gentlemen

Good morning,

It is such a pleasure to be here this morning to join you in launching an initiative that will save thousands of Kenyan lives.

I am happy to be reacquainted with so many of you dear friends, and the Aga Khan family who together over the past four years have partnered with me to improve the lives of mothers and children of Kenya.

Today we have gathered to witness the launch of a historical and innovative investment of state of the art cardiac catheterisation laboratory, the latest in Kenya and the first of its kind outside Nairobi.  

For this, I extend my deepest gratitude to Princes Zahra, the Aga Khan Development Network and the partners involved in this important initiative that will expand access to quality diagnostic, timely and accurate treatment not only to the Coastal communities, but the entire country.

I applaud the Aga Khan Development Network for its strategic investment of US$ 1million to not only deliver health services access closer to the communities through the establishment of more health facilities. This new facility offload the existing pressure on Referral Hospitals and medical specialists.

We have heard that coronary artery disease has been projected to take over as the leading cause of mortality in Sub Sahara Africa, and sadly, the vulnerable communities continue to bear the brunt of this disease. In Kenya, more than 3,000 avoidable deaths occur annually mostly affecting the younger generation, who are the productive segment of our country.

Dealing with this new phenomenon requires an aligned vision, cultivation of reliable and strong partnerships between the public sector, professionals, development partners and the private sector.  Kenya has spent the last decade addressing the issue of quality healthcare access. The progress in this effort is laudable and will continue to be the focus over the next decade.

In my journey with the Beyond Zero initiative, travelling across all 47 counties, I agonised over the despair and cost that families face due to limited access, financial barriers and limited information on preventative care. But I have also witnessed the invaluable pivotal role that partnerships play in positively impacting communities and complimenting the Governments effort to expand access to quality, timely and affordable healthcare.  Which is why I am so thrilled to be part of this partnership today that will have a direct bearing on targeting poor households and vulnerable citizens. 

This visionary hospital project that will be rolled out in the next two years promises to offer many Kenyans readily available and improved diagnostic treatment, as well as offer training for medical professionals and research.  And I am confident that together we will find the right approach to increase public awareness and develop practical and sustainable solutions to treatment for cardiovascular diseases.

With those few remarks, it is now my pleasure to declare the Cardiac Catheterisation Lab at the Cardiology Centre officially launched.

Thank you.