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University of Central Asia - Brief

The University of Central Asia (UCA) was founded in 2000. The Presidents of Tajikistan, the Kyrgyz Republic, and Kazakhstan, and His Highness the Aga Khan signed the International Treaty and
Charter establishing this secular and private University; ratified by the respective parliaments, and registered with the United Nations. The Presidents are the Patrons of UCA and His Highness is the
Chancellor. UCA’s mission is to promote the social and economic development of Central Asia, particularly its mountain societies by offering an internationally recognised standard of higher education,
and help the different peoples of the region to preserve and draw upon their rich cultural traditions and heritages as assets for the future.

UCA consists of its Undergraduate School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Professional and Continuing Education, the Graduate School of Development's Institute of Public Policy and Administration
and Mountain Societies Research Institute, the Cultural Heritage and Humanities Unit and the Aga Khan Humanities Project.