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Qutb Shahi Heritage Park - 2016 Annual Report

Three years of conservation works have now been completed at the Qutb Shahi Heritage Park. Works could commence only in 2014, a year after the MoU was signed on account of litigation by vested interests claiming land ownership.

Following emergency works carried out at several monuments in the first year of works, conservation works in the first phase have commenced at key monuments in the south-western zone of the complex. Conservation works have been implemented by master craftsmen who continue to use tools and building crafts employed at these structures several centuries ago. All works have benefited from an inter-disciplinary approach and a very high level of supervision aimed at ensuring the works match the quality of the original works in all respects – material and form.

Significantly, archival research revealed the original character of many of these structures – such as the intricate splendor of Sultan Quli Qutb Shah’s tomb – hidden beneath layers of 20th century cement and other alterations. Archaeological excavations also revealed the garden enclosure wall around the founder kings tomb. These are now being restored to allow visitors and scholars alike to understand the glory of the monuments standing within this necropolis.