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Masterpieces of Islamic Art

Prince Karim Aga Khan is one of the leading collectors of Islamic art. From 2013, his large and valuable collection will be on display in a newly-built museum in Toronto.  Karim Aga Khan is the spiritual leader of the Ismailis, an Islamic community with some 20 million members living in many different parts of the world.

They recognise Prince Karim Aga Khan as a direct descendent of the Prophet Muhammad. The Martin-Gropius-Bau has succeeded in bringing the Aga Khan’s magnificent collection to Berlin for a period of several months. This is the first time it has been seen in Germany. More than 200 masterpieces – illuminated manuscripts and paintings, drawings and inscriptions, metal receptacles, ceramics and woodcarvings – represent more than a thousand years of Islamic cultural history.

The exhibition includes some of the most spectacular works of Islamic art and scholarship.