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Generating hope for a brighter future

Over the last 10 years, the West Nile region in Uganda has been dramatically transformed. There are clear and apparent signs of socio-economic change in the area, as well as improvements in security and regional stability. Its largest town, Arua, has thriving industries, better social services and a cleaner environment.

This transformation is testament to the role that access to reliable and affordable electricity plays in improving the quality of life in Arua district. The West Nile Rural Electrification Company (WENRECo), a public-private partnership, invested in a hydropower station that now provides electricity 24 hours a day.

An internal impact assessment that was undertaken in 2015 shows achievements in the key areas of economic development, health, education, improved work and home life, civic life and local governance. There is no doubt that access to electricity has brought major development progress to an area that previously experienced civil unrest and poor socioeconomic performance to one where private business is on the rise and people’s general well-being is improving.

This report provides a summary of the assessment. First, on pages 4-5, a list of key findings presents -- at a glance -- WENRECo’s positive impact in Arua. In the remaining pages, examples of these changes and testimonies of WENRECo’s customer base in Arua District provide a more in-depth look at how life there has and continues to change for the better as a result of this investment in reliable, affordable electricity.