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First MicroCredit Company Kyrgyz Republic - 2012 Report

In the Kyrgyz Republic, 65 percent of the population work in the agrarian sector. Approximately 44 percent work on family farms. Agricultural output accounts for over 35 percent of the gross domestic product. Overall, 38 percent of the population does not have access to financial services, including credit or savings. Over 2.2 million people live under the poverty line, in part because of the number of subsistence farmers in the country.

The First Micro Credit Company (FMCC) has been operating as a credit company since early 2006, with the Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance as the sole owner. FMCC has a network of 15 branches and outlets. The entity strongly relies on external funding and debt because it is not licensed to take deposits.

In 2012, FMCC had more than 16,500 microfinance loans outstanding worth US$ 11.8 million.

Publication date: 2013