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AKDN - Enabling development and transforming lives. A review of Pamir Energy's cross-border energy programme in Bashor, Afghan Badakhshan
The Aga Khan Development Network’s (AKDN) cross-border energy programme provides year-round, 24-hour electricity, which is generated in Tajikistan and transmitted to communities in Afghan Badakhshan that did not previously have access to reliable energy supplies. The following list captures important information and milestones in the programme:
  • Started: 2008, Bashor (Shugnan district centre)
  • Currently: More than 3,470 customers (over 28,500 people) have access to reliable electricity in the Shugnan, Ishkashim and Darvaz areas of Badakhshan, Afghanistan
  • Rate of consumption growth: 40 percent per annum
  • Plans for expansion: Pamir Energy aims to provide power supplies to approximately 40 percent of Afghan Badakhshan (200,000 people) by 2020
  • Financed by: Roshan Telecommunications (part of AKDN), the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the German Federal Government via the PATRIP Foundation, and USAID