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AKDN Autumn Newsletter: Pakistan Edition (2020)
  • AP launches HealthTech and EdTech initiatives in Pakistan
  • AKF(Pak) facilitates Planning Commission to conduct a workshop for the 5 year development plan of GB
  • AKAH,P and Government of GB partner to combat climate change
  • AKRSP mitigating impacts of COVID-19 through psychosocial support
  • AKU develops 3D printed, low-cost nasal swab for COVID-19 testing in Pakistan
  • AKES,P increases educational footprint
  • Inside AKHS,P's intensive care units for COVID-29 patients
  • AKAH,P and Government of GB partner to design a major water supply project for central Hunza
  • Serena Hotels host awareness event on Breast Cancer
  • AKCS-P completes very first restoration of a colonial building: the APA House, Babusar