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Aga Khan University Progress Report 2000-2001

This review of AKU's progress in 2000-2001 highlights important new initiatives and developments that go towards realising the vision of the University's founder, His Highness the Aga Khan. It
covers the establishment, at the request of the respective governments, of an Advanced Nursing Studies programme in Uganda, which is to be followed soon in Kenya and Tanzania. The programme will upgrade the skills and career development opportunities of in-service nurses. Also in East Africa, AKU's Institute for Educational Development is in the process of setting up Professional Development Centres to enhance the skills of teachers and school administrators in the region.

The review describes the planning processes leading to the establishment of an Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations in London, UK, in 2001. This new Institute will give expression to the University's Muslim identity in an international context, focusing on educational programmes and research on the contributions made by Islamic civilisations to modern society. Finally, the review tells how the University's medical and nursing alumni are returning from graduate studies overseas and establishing themselves as contributing members of AKU faculty.

To meet the expanding needs of existing programmes and the demand for new education and service initiatives, important new buildings have been built on the Health Sciences campus in Karachi
over the past two years. Construction also began on other new facilities.