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Aga Khan Trust for Culture - October 2011 Afghanistan Newsletter

The Afghanistan Cultural Profile, a compre­hensive English-language online guide to cultural development in Afghanistan, was updated in partnership with the UK-based organization Visiting Arts, Targeting cultural professionals, attentive readers, and cul­tural tourists, the ACP offers a sector-by­sector guide to the arts, media, libraries, ar­chives, and tourism sectors in Afghanistan.

NASIR KHUSRAW SHRINE The ziarat or shrine of Nasir Khusraw stands on an exposed conglomerate rock outcrop overlooking the Yumgan valley in southern Badakhshan.

BALA HISSAR PUBLICATION The Bala Hissar or citadel of Kabul is one of the largest and most prominent monuments and archaeological sites in the city and of international historic significance.

DEDICATED NEW PREMISES FOR VACATIONAL TRAINING COURSES IN KABUL AKTC vocational training activities in Kabul's District 7 were consolidated into one site following the restoration of the second burj (tower) attached to the historic residential fort built by Moeen Afzal Khan in the beginning of the 20th century in Gozargah near Baghe Babur.