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Aga Khan Trust for Culture - May / June 2009 Afghanistan Newsletter

SHANASAZI MOSQUE, KABUL OLD CITY Following on from the restoration of Shanasazi hammam, which is now in full use, the government of Norway has made available additional funds for the restoration of the adjoining mosque.

BAGHE BABUR The German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, marked the occasion of a visit to Baghe Babur by planting an apple tree, assisted by Dr. Rangin Spanta, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Eng. Pashtun, Minister of Urban Development, and other dignitaries.

LIVING CONDITIONS IMPROVEMENTS Residents across the Old City continue to see the impact of AKTC’s investments in repairs to drains, which now extend for more than 4 kilometres through the historic fabric.

CELEBRATING MUSIC Forty-seven students of the AKMICA Herat music school attended a ceremony in the restored Chahar Suq cistern in the centre of the Old City.

MULLAH MUFTI RASOUL MOSQUE Work has begun on the restoration of this community mosque in Bar Durrani quarter.