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Aga Khan Trust for Culture - May / June 2008 Afghanistan Newsletter

KABUL IN THE 16th CENTURY As a preliminary architectural survey takes place of the Bala Hissar, the historic citadel of Kabul, in collaboration with the department of Historic Monuments, an intriguing account has come to light about the turmoil that followed the death in 1556 of the Mughal emperor Humayun.

MANAGING BAGHE BABUR, KABUL The growing number of inhabitants of Kabul who visit Baghe Babur will have noticed changes in recent weeks, resulting from the introduction of a new system of management of this important historic site.

ORAL HISTORY IN KABUL OLD CITY Another dimension of the documentation of the history of the old city lies in the ongoing collection of oral testimony.

GAZURGAH SHRINE COMPLEX The grave of the 12th century Sufi poet and scholar. Abdullah Ansari, in Gazurgah is one of the most important religious sites in the region.