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Aga Khan Trust for Culture - March / April 2010 Afghanistan Newsletter

AFGHANISTAN OBSERVED 1830-1920 An exhibition of drawings prints and photographs of Afghanistan from the collection of the British Library was opened on 24th April in Kabul in the presence of H.E. The Minister for Information and Culture, Sayyed Makdoom Raheen, the British Ambassador and some 200 Afghan and international guests.

NAWRUZ 1389 BAGHE BABUR & MAZAR I SHARIF Following a tradition that dates back to Mughal times, Baghe Babur was again the focus of celebrations of the spring holiday of Nawruz, the Persian New Year.

LECTURE ON ARCHAEOLOGY On the 7th April, the Afghan archaeologist Zafar Paîman gave a public lecture in the mausoleum of Timur Shah concerning excavations at Tapa Narenj, south east of Kabul.

QALA IKHTYARUDDIN Work is nearing completion on the laying of brick paving on the western platform of the historic citadel, adjoining the Timurid tower.

DEMOLITION AT DARB AL MALIK As the principal northern gate to the old city, the historic area of Darb al Malik represents an important part of the surviving historic fabric of Herat.

CALLIGRAPHY TRAINING As part of AKTC’s ongoing Afghan Cultural Initiative, courses in traditional calligraphy have been initiated in the restored Karbasi house in the old city of Herat.

MUSIC EXAMINATIONS Four senior instructors from the Aga Khan Music Initiative for Central Asia (AKMICA) travelled from Kabul in early April to examine students enrolled in music courses in Herat.