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Aga Khan Trust for Culture - March / April 2009 Afghanistan Newsletter

KABUL UNIVERSITY In response to the crisis that faces most urban centres in Afghanistan, AKTC implemented a planning studio in the department of Architecture of Kabul University (funded by the World Bank) during 2007.

BURJ E WAZIR, KABUL Resources made available by the government of Germany have enabled work to start on restoration on Burj e Wazir, an imposing funerary structure above the village of Gozargah, beside Baghe Babur.

MONUMENTS IN BALKH & FARYAB As part of an ongoing programme to document and register historic monuments, a joint team from AKTC and the Department of Historic Monuments spent 3 weeks during
March in Balkh and Faryab in northern Afghanistan.

HARIVA SCHOOL In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, restoration of the Hariva school in Momandha quarter of the old city has begun.

QALA IKHTYARUDDIN Following documentation of the structure and decoration, repairs are under way to the western tower of Qala Ikhtyaruddin.

CHAHAR SUQ CISTERN The re-location of shops that blocked the entrance to the Chahar Suq cistern, restored by AKTC between 2005-7, has enabled work to begin on the reclamation of a small urban square in what remains the commercial heart of the old city of Herat.