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Aga Khan Trust for Culture - March / April 2008 Afghanistan Newsletter

VOCATIONAL TRAINING IN D7, KABUL As part of ongoing efforts to promote socioeconomic development in District 7, two workshops were established in early 2008 to provide residents with training in basic  carpentry and tailoring skills.

PARK E ZARNEGAR, KABUL Taking its name from the palace in which the treaty ratifying Afghanistan’s independent status from imperial British Indian Rule was signed in 1921 (and which was demolished in the 1960s) this park is on the site of orchards originally laid out by Babur’s uncle Ulug Beg in the 15th century.

GAZORGAH, HERAT As the preservation of the superstructure of the 15th century Namakdan pavilion reaches its final stages, careful documentation has taken place of traces of a marble lined water-channel that ran through the building and a small octagonal pool that lay at its centre.

CISTERNS, HERAT OLD CITY Two and a half years ago, preservation work began on the mosque and cistern complex adjoining what was once Darwaza Malik or the King’s Gate to the old city of Herat.