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Aga Khan Trust for Culture - July / August 2008 Afghanistan Newsletter

HERAT CONSERVATION WINS REGIONAL AWARD A group of AKTC conservation initiatives in the old city of Herat have received the first Award of Excellence in the 2008 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation.

ECONOMIC REVITALIZATION IN HERAT Probably built in the 1940’s, the Arbabzadeh serai (above) follows the form of earlier brickvaulted bazaars for which the city of Herat was once renowned throughout the region.

HAJI MUSA MOSQUE, QUTBE CHAQ Conservation of the Haji Musa mosque in the old city is now complete.

WAKHI MYTHS AND LEGENDS The ongoing collaboration between AKTC and AKF saw a small team travel during August to Badakhshan to contribute to the Wakhan Cultural Initiative.

SURVEY OF HISTORIC CITY WALLS As part of a wider process of registration of historic monuments in Kabul and environs, work is under way on survey and documentation of the defensive wall (above)
that stretches for more than 5 kilometers along the ridge of the Sher Darwaza mountain above the old city.

HAND-OVER OF THE CHARDA MASOOM SHRINE With funds made available by the British Embassy, the restoration of the historic shrine of Chaharda Masoom was initiated in late 2007.

OPEN AIR THEATRE IN BAGHE BABUR A special theatre performance for families took place on 27th August in the courtyard of the caravanserai in Baghe Babur.