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Aga Khan Development Network in India

Multidimensional Approach to Poverty Alleviation AKDN’s Multi-Input Area Development (MIAD) approach has emerged to address the multidimensional aspects of poverty. Sectoral approaches, though productive in specific ways, failed to deliver widespread improvements in the quality of life. Marginalisation, exclusion and disempowerment on the basis of gender, ethnicity, religion and isolation also plays a central role.

Participatory Models of Development MIAD seeks to create a set of outcomes that enable people to participate in and own processes of development that ensure ongoing access to products and services (including social); build assets (social, cultural, economic and financial); and improve the quality of their lives measurably and sustainably.

In addition to raising material standards of living, health and education, MIAD also seeks to support pluralism and cultural tolerance, trust and social equity, effective civil society, good governance and democracy.