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Sua Alteza o Aga Khan

Sua Alteza o Aga Khan, fundador e presidente da Rede Aga Khan para o Desenvolvimento, é o 49.º Imã hereditário (Líder Espiritual) dos muçulmanos xiitas ismailis. De acordo com a tradição ética do Islão, os líderes religiosos não interpretam apenas a fé como têm também a responsabilidade de ajudar a melhorar a qualidade de vida da sua comunidade e das sociedades em que more

Selma Al-Radi

Selma Al-Radi is an Iraqi archaeologist, and a research associate at New York University. She has worked in Yemen since 1977. In 1983, she undertook the restoration of the 16th century Madrasa al-Amiryah in the town of Rada', and is currently overseeing the final phase of the project and the restoration of the internal wall paintings. Also in Yemen, she is now completing the rehabilitation of the complex of Imamate palaces as the National Museum in Sanaa, and preparing the catalogue of the museum collections for publication.

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Mohammed Arkoun

Mohammed Arkoun, a French academician of Algerian origin, is Emeritus Professor of the History of Islamic Thought at the Sorbonne (Paris III), and visiting professor at universities in the United States, Europe, and the Muslim world. Professor Arkoun’s work and interests concentrate on classical Islam and contemporary issues of Islam facing modernity. He is associated with several European initiatives to rethink and reshape the relationship between Europe, Islam, and the Mediterranean world.

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Hasan-Uddin Khan
John de Monchaux
Charles Moore
Ismaël Serageldin

Ismaël Serageldin is an Egyptian architect and planner. He is a Vice President of the World Bank in Washington, D.C., responsible for the department for Environmentally Sustainable Development and for a wide array of special programmes dealing with poverty, environment, and socio-economic development.

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