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  • Access to reliable, more affordable and cleaner power has not only improved the investment climate across the country and the region, but also led to overall improvements in the quality of life.
    AKDN / Matthias Mugisha
The Bujagali Hydropower project
Water drives clean energy in Uganda

Without energy to light their homes, schools, hospitals or businesses, how can societies begin to make progress? Water holds the key to developing renewable energy infrastructures such as power dams.

The US$ 900 million Bujagali Hydropower Project in Jinja, Uganda, built by the AKDN and its partners, produces up to 250 MW of clean reliable energy, supplying nearly half of the country’s electricity. This project is helping to drive economic growth. Opportunities for local tourism are expanding. Businesses big and small are receiving a regular supply of electricity.  Hospitals and clinics are providing patients with a safer environment.  Properly lit homes and schools permit students longer hours of study, teachers more time to prepare for classes. To learn more, watch this video “Bujagali: Powering Uganda's Future”:


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