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  • The new village school will serve 150 students from the remote mountain villages of Vanqala and Pish in Tajikistan.
School serving 150 students in GBAO
An unprecedented collaboration has contributed to the construction

UCA alumni, instructors and students help construct new village school

An unprecedented collaboration between alumni, instructors and students of the University of Central Asia’s School of Professional and Continuing Education’s (UCA-SPCE) Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) programme has contributed to the construction of a new village school in Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO), Tajikistan. 

In June 2012, the Central Asia Institute (CAI) announced a tender to community partners to build a school serving 150 students from GBAO’s Vanqala and Pish villages. When Safo Pallaev heard about it, he knew this was an important opportunity. Safo completed his carpentry programme in 2010 and established his own construction company, LLC Sokhtmonchi 2010. “I knew that CAI emphasised community partnerships, and it would be a huge step forward for my company if we won the tender” he said. 

When Safo learnt his company was selected to build the school, he was delighted. He soon became the key player in a network of partnerships bringing together other SPCE graduates, instructors and students. First, he hired fellow alumnus Sherzod Pulodov, who graduated from the accounting programme, to manage administration and finances.

Soon after, Safo was contacted by Ubaid Saidasanov, SPCE’s TVET Coordinator. Together, they designed an apprenticeship programme to enable graduates and students to support the project. Current TVET students were supervised by alumni and they in turn, were supervised byTVET instructors. Approximately, 30 graduates and student apprentices contributed to theschool’s construction. 

Student Nemat Otambekov said, “Through this project, I got the practical experience I neededto graduate and made some money to support my family.” 

Instructor Muhiddin Ramikhudoev emphasized the importance of the apprenticeship model, “Many students do not have practical real-world experience. It is our role as teachers to help them find an apprentice placement, and as mentors to ensure they learn to advocate for their site safety.”

The school was completed in July 2013. “UCASPCE is very excited about this partnership with LCC Sokhtmonchi 2010, which provided an excellent learning opportunity for our students, an employment opportunity for graduates and a lasting investment in our communities. We hope to continue this partnership and collaborate on future projects,” said Ubaid Saidasanov. 

Since 2008, UCA-SPCE has offered TVET programmes in bricklaying/masonry, construction carpentry, plastering and tiling, plumbing, metal working, and automotive electrics, reflecting the needs of the local labour market. Since 2008, over 300 learners have received TVET certificates from UCA. 

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