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  • Working to identify suppliers and then engaging local sewing factories, AKAH and its partners put supplies of PPE in the hands of health workers within days.
Aga Khan Agency for Habitat
Protecting front line health workers in Tajikistan

Public, private, civil society partnerships in action.

With the identification of cases of COVID 19 in Tajikistan, communities across Tajikistan are coming together with the Government of Tajikistan, the private sector, the international community and the agencies of the Aga Khan Development Network, to find innovative solutions to protect health workers and reinforce the health system during the pandemic.

In the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast of Tajikistan, the Governor of the Oblast, Yodgor Fayzov, working with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the Committee of Emergency Situations and Civil Defence, identified a critical need for additional personal protective equipment for health responders across the Oblast.

Working with the Aga Khan Agency for Habitat in Tajikistan (AKAH) and the Aga Khan Health Services (AKHS), the Governor’s Office rapidly established a commission with private sector partners in the Oblast to identify suppliers of material and to quickly engage local sewing factories and seamstresses to produce high-quality protective equipment. With the support of key partners in the international community such as the Government of Switzerland and the European Union, within days of commissioning, an initial supply of personal protective equipment was in the hands of health workers across the Oblast.

Kabirova Majida, director of a Darvoz-based manufacturing centre named Mehri Modar, who worked nonstop with her team to complete a portion of the requirement reflected, “We’re proud to be called upon to offer our best in aiding government and international agencies to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Tajikistan. Through sewing these PPE, we’re contributing in keeping our doctors and health workers safe from the virus.”

The Governor Yodgor Fayzov said, in appreciation of this support, “Our doctors were really pleased about how quickly AKAH mobilised to respond to this request, and the efforts made to ensure the quality of the PPE that were produced. We believe this contribution will really boost the resilience of our health systems in managing the spread and impact of COVID-19.”  

Building on this collaboration, the Governor’s Office worked with regional civil society groups in the Oblast Capital Khorog to support the State Epidemiological Service’s neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood sanitisation and awareness raising efforts, efforts alongside the Aga Khan Health Services and the Mountain Societies Development Support Programme. The Governor’s Office is also collaborating with AKAH to establish field hospitals to be used as triage facilities for the Aga Khan Medical Centre in Khorog.