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  • The winners of the 2019 Entrepreneurship Grand Open House Competition received 5 million UGX (US$ 1,344).
    Courtesy of Campus Bee
Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development
Diamond Trust Bank partners with Aga Khan Entrepreneurship Programme to encourage job creation

In Uganda, Diamond Trust Bank Ltd (DTB) embarked on a programme to encourage entrepreneurship skills at the Aga Khan School for both primary and secondary students, aiming to facilitate students in secondary school and tertiary institutions to become job creators.

As part of this initiative, DTB supported the 2019 Entrepreneurship Grand Open House Competition, which encourages students to exploit opportunities for becoming job creators as opposed to job seekers. This year’s programme was aimed at teaching students how to develop business proposals and plans that most budding entrepreneurs lack.

Speaking during an exhibition, DTB’s Ronald Kasaanya explained: “It’s one thing to have a business idea and another to actually develop a business proposal and plan.  In Uganda today most businesses never celebrate their first birthdays simply because the owners never have long-term plans for these businesses.”

The Aga Khan Entrepreneurship Programme also looked at the financial plans developed by the students for their businesses, a vital component for to succeed.

Kasaanya said DTB is excited to be part of this initiative, noting that times have changed and students should change their mindset from the notion of studying to get jobs to studying to create opportunities.  “This is in line with our CSR campaign of giving back to the community especially the younger generation as they are the future leaders of this great nation of ours.”

The students had exciting businesses including a mushroom business, bakeries, tech businesses and agro businesses. They were required to market their ideas during the exhibition, helping train them in another vital skill for small businesses.

The winners were awarded 5 million UGX (US$ 1,344) to further develop their proposals. Students and parents were encouraged to continue with these business ideas even after the competition, seeing as all the students that took part had potential of actually becoming serious business owners.

This article was adapted from a post in Campus Bee.