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  • Internationally recognised by the World Bank and the World Habitat Award, the Building and Construction Improvement Program (BACIP) tackles social economic problems in Pakistan with environmentally friendly solutions.
    AKDN / Pervaiz Khan
Building climate-resilient societies
Building and Construction Improvement Programme (BACIP)

Energy security is a major component of climate adaptation and resilience. Ensuring a clean and reliable supply, improving energy efficiency, increasing renewable energy usage and investing in diverse energy portfolios are key components of mitigating risk and building climate resilient societies.

In many parts of the developing world, however, the most energy-insecure communities are also the ones experiencing the greatest pressure on natural resources, which are being consumed at an alarming rate, causing deforestation, land degradation and soil destabilisation and diminishing economic opportunities.

In many areas, the main cause of deforestation and land degradation is the use of wood for fuel. To find solutions to this problem, AKDN’s Building and Construction Improvement Programme (BACIP) was set up as a research and design programme.

It has introduced over 70 products and technologies that reduce biomass consumption, improve environmental conditions in homes and provide income-generating opportunities. Some of these products include: roof hatch windows for better ventilation, double glazed windows which allow for more light while conserving heat; fuel-efficient stoves with water warming facilities attached that use the same fuel; floor insulation, wall insulation and roof treatment techniques for thermal efficiency; solar cookers and solar water heaters for fuel conservation; and household-level biogas plants for alternative energy sources for cooking and water heating.