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  • Students wait for the start of classes at the new Badakhshan University Solar Powered IT Laboratory in Afghanistan.
AKDN's Mountain Universities Partnership Programme
Badakhshan University launches solar powered IT laboratory

The Aga Khan Development Network’s (AKDN) Mountain Universities Partnership (MUP) Programme aims to uplift higher education in mountain universities and has helped set up an Information Technology (IT) laboratory for Badakhshan University (BU) in Afghanistan.


Storage room for solar batteries and regulation of the solar energy system.

Students at BU now have their own computer lab, and what is unique is that it is fully powered by solar energy and 100 percent self-sustaining in its energy use. Going solar is particularly important in Badakhshan Province, where there is a persistent shortage of electricity. It also reflects the AKDN’s efforts to operate more sustainably across all its projects, reducing carbon emissions and being good stewards of the earth.

The IT lab is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment with a capacity to accommodate 30 students at a time. A total of 420 students are in Computer Science Programme at BU. The establishment of the lab was funded by the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) within the MUP Programme, of which the University of Central Asia is a partner.

According to Qasim Aria, Rector of Badakhshan University, “By opening this computer lab we are creating new opportunities for our students to conduct research, engage in practical work, do homework, and so much more.” 

This text was adapted from an article published in the December 2020 issue of UCA News.