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  • His Highness the Aga Khan tours the exhibition Ideals of Leadership: Masterpieces from the Aga Khan Museum Collections, hosted at the Parliament building, São Bento Palace in Lisbon.
    AKDN / Mo Govindji
  • “The King who Forgave a Man who Cursed Him”, folio from the manuscript of Kulliyat (A Complete Collection of Poetry) of Sa‘di, Agra, India, ca. 1604.
    The Aga Khan Museum
  • “The Court of King Solomon”, India, ca.1600.
    The Aga Khan Museum
Masterpieces from the Aga Khan Museum at Portugal’s Assembly of the Republic

Toronto, Canada, 11 July 2018 - To mark His Highness the Aga Khan’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations taking place in Lisbon, the Aga Khan Museum has loaned a special exhibition of 17 artifacts to Portugal’s Assembly of the Republic.  The exhibition is titled Ideals of Leadership: Masterpieces from the Aga Khan Museum Collections and includes captivating folios and colourful ceramics as well as exquisitely decorated wood and steel artefacts from Mughal, Ottoman, Persian, and Chinese empires dating from the 10th to the 19th centuries.


“A Court Workshop” folio from a manuscript of Akhlaq-i-Nasiri (Ethics of Nasir).
The Aga Khan Museum

The stories depicted relate to some of the most timeless ideals of leadership that rulers aspired to through the ages, such as humility, benevolence, governance, chivalry, and scholarship. The majority of objects in the exhibition can be viewed until September 14 at the Assembly of the Republic in Lisbon.

“We are delighted to contribute a range of cross-cultural artefacts to this exhibition that has been created as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations,” says Henry Kim, the Aga Khan Museum’s Director and CEO. “These objects represent how Muslim artists through the centuries used storytelling, fables, and analogies to convey wisdom and experience related to the art of leadership.”


The Aga Khan Museum (AKM) in Toronto, Canada, has been established and developed by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC), which is an agency of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN). The Museum’s mission is to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the contribution that Muslim civilisations have made to world heritage while often reflecting, through both its permanent and temporary exhibitions, how cultures connect with one another. Designed by architect Fumihiko Maki, the Museum shares a 6.8-hectare site with Toronto’s Ismaili Centre, which was designed by architect Charles Correa. The surrounding landscaped park was designed by landscape architect Vladimir Djurovic.

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