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  • Concept design of expansions to be completed in 2024 at the Aga Khan School, Booni.
  • Concept design of expansions to be completed in 2024 at the Aga Khan School, Mastuj.
Aga Khan schools expand in Chitral

Chitral, Pakistan, 24 June 2022  Three Aga Khan Schools in this remote, mountainous region are adding state-of-the-art buildings to their campuses. These expansions will not only increase educational access for students from surrounding towns and distant villages but also offer enhanced quality of learning to the young students, as is required for achieving excellence in different fields in the 21st century.

Aga Khan Schools, Mastuj, Booni and Torkhow are amongst the 150 Aga Khan Schools operating in Pakistan with a total enrolment of more than 50,000 students. Combined, the three expanded campuses in Chitral will accommodate over 1,500 students in a single shift and make new space for higher secondary grades. Altogether, more than 50 modern and spacious classrooms, 11 science and computer laboratories, three libraries, offices and other facilities will be constructed.

The new infrastructure is designed to enhance the learning experience with multi-purpose and flexible learning spaces reflecting the rapid changes in teaching methodologies. It will help students to question, explore and collaborate more, equipping them with skills necessary to meet the complex challenges of today’s world.

At the groundbreaking ceremonies, President of the Ismaili Council for Pakistan, Hafiz Sherali, expressed the hope that students studying in these schools will excel and realise their dreams and potential.

Planned over nearly 6,700 m2, the new facilities have been designed as green buildings to work in harmony with the local environment.


Solar panels will reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Solar panels will be installed to provide renewable energy while insulated building material and the use of natural light and air will ensure minimal energy consumption and carbon footprint. The structures will also be seismic-resistant and act as shelters for surrounding communities in the event of natural disasters. 

All three expansions will be completed in 2024.

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