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  • Taalaibek (second from left) and Elza (third from left) with their children outside their new yurt resort.
Talaibek and Elza Osmonov: Graduates of University of Central Asia launch yurt resort in Naryn

When Talaibek Osmonov and his wife, Elza, completed the University of Central Asia (UCA) School of Professional and Continuing Education’s (SPCE) Entrepreneurship programme in Naryn in 2016-2017, they planned to build a yurt business and promote tourism in their hometown – the Alysh village of Naryn.


3D rendering of the Bai-Tor resort.
With a loan provided by UCA and the Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank, they set up three yurts offering a kitchen, accommodation, and horseback riding tours. Their business soon took off. They are now also conducting tours to Naryn’s historic Tash Rabat Caravanserai, as well as hiking and camping.

“We moved from Bishkek to start our own business, and with the help of SPCE’s entrepreneurship course, were able to gain the required skills to follow our dream,” said Taalaibek. “Our business is currently welcoming visitors from neighbouring villages in Alysh and Kenesh, as well as Naryn town. We hope to boost local tourism in the Naryn region, and look forward to hosting international guests in the future.”

Looking to expand, they attended the Naryn Investment Forum hosted by the University of Central Asia in 2017 and secured a $45,000 loan from the Kyrgyz-Russian Development Fund. Their dream of a “Bai-Tor” resort in Salkyn-Tor Park in Alysh village -- accommodating up to 350 people and including a restaurant -- was launched.

Taalaibek and Elza have completed the construction of the main Yurt, which can serve up to 350 people. They are working on the interior design and are continuing to construct small Yurt shaped buildings around the main Yurt. In addition to local youth, Elza has also hired 10 unemployed women and is training them to cook and serve guests.

They have postponed the official launch of the resort from August to November 2020 due to COVID-19. Nevertheless, Taalaibek and Elza have had a soft opening by inviting local guests, and are preparing for the grand opening in November 2020.