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  • Kone Kognon Ibrahim, business owner in agricultural sector and client of Première Agence de MicroFinance in Dianra, Côte d’Ivoire.
The story of Kone Kognon Ibrahim

Kone Kognon Ibrahim, 39, takes care of 11 people; his wife, four children, and four other family members. Coming from the small village of Leguedougou he moved to Dianra, where there are more opportunities for his poultry farm and marketing efforts. Earning just FCFA 50,000 ($83) he made just enough to ensure his children had an education, but was sometimes unable to provide his family with food. Struggling to cope, Kone had given up hope.

While he had been thinking of developing his business so it may generate more profit, he had little money to invest in such an endeavour. But when a friend informed him about Première Agence de MicroFinance Côte d’Ivoire, and he decided to apply for a loan. His first loan of FCFA 225,000 allowed him to buy three cartons of chicks as well as food and medicine to rear them. It was a difficult time: a year before, he had begun selling everything he owned, and had few resources.

PAMF-Côte d’Ivoire supplied Kone with three more loans to invest in the business, allowing him to purchase more chicks and modernise his henhouse and equipment.

Today, Kone’s household income is FCFA 800,000 ($1,333). He and his family now enjoy a nutritious diet, have invested in their children’s education, and Kone has made investments in the family’s house. At the same time, he is also able to set aside money for savings and for continuing to finance his growing business.

These improvements in Kone’s personal and financial situation have also contributed to the wellbeing of his community, helping out friends with financial needs, and offering employment. So his success is welcomed and encouraged by the community.

Kone is looking forward to building his own house to accommodate his family, which he believes he will be able to do in the next three years. As for his opinions about PAMF, he says: “they allowed me to start believing in life. Let’s say … before, I had lost all hope. Today, because of their support, I am confident that I am able to fulfil my dreams.’