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  • Husien Al-Jaber, a client of the Aga Khan Agency for Microfi nance, used to sell roasted beans from a cart on the street. With an AKAM loan, he was able to open a shop selling and repairing stoves. His income has risen 50 percent
    AKAM / Jean-Luc Ray
The International Aid Transparency InitIATIve (IATI)

29 June 2012

What Is IATI?

IATI aims to increase the accountability and transparency of those who receive money for aid and international development by showing how and where it is spent. This will be done by publishing information on the IATI website and announcing this on organisational websites.

What does this mean for Aga Khan Foundation (United Kingdom) (AKF(UK))?

The UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID) has committed to publishing data about work that it funds to meet the IATI standard. In response, AKF(UK) is publishing information about its DFID-funded work in India on the IATI website and on the website. By the end of September 2012, AKF(UK) aims to publish information about its DFID-funded programmes in this way.

Our data

The information AKF(UK) will publish will relate to its DFID-funded international projects and includes the project ID, project title, short description of the project, project start and end date, country of impact, place of impact (where available), percent of strategic aims, expenditure in 2012/13, and budget for current and future financial years by project.

Project Data

AKF(UK) currently has one active DFID-funded grant. Details shown below:


Activity Number  GPAF-IMP-006
Title Reducing Infant Mortality in Bihar Through Optimal Infant Feeding Practices
Description The project aims to reduce neonatal and infant mortality through improving healthy breastfeeding and weaning practices among 500,000 mothers of children under two years among the poorest and most marginalised communities in three districts of Bihar, India. The project will mobilise a strong behaviour change communication (BCC) model through 500 Peer Educators to counsel mothers and caregivers on infant and child nutrition and provide problem-solving to help overcome barriers they face.
Funding organisation or donor DFID
Country or region India
Commitment/Total project value DFID Commitment: £2,257,351; Total project value: £3,240,421
Expenditure date and value To be reported in the second quarter
Disbursement date and value Payment in arrears, to be reported in the second quarter
Project status Implementation phase