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The Aga Khan : 60 years of remarkable service to the world
(Anne McLellan) - Former deputy
Troy  Media - 11 May 2018

The Aga Khan is creating a global knowledge society
(Brian Heidecker) - Former Chair of the University of Alberta’s Board of Governors. He is a retired rancher and businessman who currently serves as the Chair of the Board of the Edmonton Public Library and Sawridge Trusts.
Daily Hive - 10 May 2018

Celebrating the work of the Aga Khan Development Network
(Brian Felesky, Jim Gray and Chris Robb) -Awali Family
Calgary Herald - 10 May 2018

The Aga Khan’s Diamond Jubilee celebration: ‘An experience of a lifetime, which we will cherish all our lives'
(Senator Mobina Jaffer)
The Voice - 9 May 2018

Understanding and education spark important global connections
(Elizabeth Cannon) - President and vice-chancellor of the University of Calgary
Calgary Herald - 9 May 2018

Aga Khan's contributions little-known, but significant
(Dave Mowat) - President & CEO of ATB Financial
Edmonton Journal - 9 May 2018

Why we should be proud to call the Aga Khan a Canadian
(Bill Graham) - Former federal Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of National Defence. He is currently the Chancellor of Trinity College in the University of Toronto.
Daily Hive - 8 May 2018

Why I’m grateful for the Aga Khan’s extraordinary service to humanity
(Naheed Nenshi) - Mayor, City of Calgary
Globe and Mail - 8 May 2018

B.C. Ismailis gather in Vancouver to see the Aga Khan, celebrate his Diamond Jubilee as their spiritual leader
(Almas Meherally) - Social Media and Digital Editor with the Vancouver Sun and the Province.
Vancouver Sun - 6 May 2018

Celebrating the Aga Khan's Legacy
(Fabian Dawson) - Former Deputy Editor in Chief at The Province
North Shore News - 4 May 2018

From shelter in a storm, to building resilient communities
(Barbara Grantham) - is president and CEO of the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation.
The Province - 4 May 2018

A beacon of hope: How the Aga Khan has shaped Canada and the world
(Barinder Rasode) - former City Councillor for the City of Surrey and current CEO of Niche Canada
Daily Hive - 4 May 2018

Volunteering: How I got hooked on trying to make a difference, even a small one
(Almas Meherally) -  Social Media and Digital Editor with the Vancouver Sun and the Province.
The Province - 4 May 2018

Aga Khan's visit reminds us of the importance of compassion
(Jim Dinning) - former Alberta finance minister and chancellor emeritus of the University of Calgary.
Calgary Herald - 4 May 2018

The Aga Khan brought prosperity to his faithful and now looks to uplift world’s bottom billion
(Jagdeesh Mann) - media professional and journalist based in Vancouver
Georgia Straight - 3 May 2018

Celebrating 60 years of the Aga Khan -- and a special relationship with Canada
(Adrienne Clarkson) - Canada’s 26th governor-general (1999-2005), is the co-chair of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship and a board member for the Global Centre for Pluralism.
Globe and Mail - 2 May 2018

From shelter in a storm, to building a strong Canada
(Barbara Grantham) -  Is president and CEO of the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation.
Asian Pacific Post - 1 May 2018

Why the world celebrates the Aga Khan
(Jean Chrétien) - Served as Canada’s prime minister from 1993-2003.
Ottawa Citizen - 1 May 2018

Aga Khan is committed to fighting poverty
(Ruth Ramsden Wood) - Is former CEO of the United Way of Calgary and Area and a current board member of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship.
Calgary Herald - 21 April 2018

What the Aga Khan Foundation does with Canadian government money
(Khalil Shariff) - CEO AKFC
Hill Times - 31 january 2018

Trudeau's friendship with the Aga Khan should be celebrated, not hidden
(Andrew Cohen) - Canadian journalist, author and professor. He is a Fulbright scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington.
Globe and Mail - 11 january 2018

The year diversity defined our strength
(John Tory) -  Mayor of Toronto
Toronto Star - 29 December 2017

Pluralism paves a path to inclusion
(Joe Clark and Bience Gawanas) - Joe Clark is chair of the Global Pluralism Award jury and former Prime Minister of Canada. Bience Gawanas is a member of the Global Pluralism Award jury.
Globe and Mail - 14 November 2017

Pluralism is a path to lasting peace and prosperity
(David Johnston) - former Governor General of Canada.
Globe and Mail - 29 September 2017

Aga Khan’s diamond jubilee brings focus to spiritual leader’s contributions to world
(Fabian Dawson) - Former deputy editor of The Province.
The Province - 11 July 2017

Sunday's World Partnership Walk benefits work of Aga Khan Foundation
(Mike Harcourt) - Served as B.C. premier from 1991 to 1996 and was mayor of Vancouver from 1980 to 1986.
The Province - 27 may 2017

The noble work of the Aga Khan should not be tarnished by this Canadian political scandal
(John Baird) - Senior adviser at Bennett Jones LLP, is a former minister of foreign affairs.
National Post - 15 may 2017

In search of cosmopolitan ethics
(Peter Harder) - Senator
Globe and Mail - 27 March 2017