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1992 Cycle

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1990-1992 Cycle
Award Recipients
Cultural Park for Children

Redevelopment of a dilapidated, existing, green area utilizing community participation in the construction and organization of the park. The park includes buildings as cultural facilities for children, such as a library, theatre, and a museum.

Demir Holiday Village

18 villas spread over 2.7 hectares built of thick load-bearing stone. The villas range from 1-2-3-storey units, each plot treated as a private entity. The facade treatment varies for each unit, in order to avoid standardization.

East Wahdat Upgrading Programme

24'500m2 textile factory complex comprising the main factory, administration building, nursery, restaurant, and a guesthouse. The layout of the complex follows a central courtyard plan to allow for future extensions.

Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India

Autonomous education centre in which formal, orthogonal geometry dominates the layout. Each of the 8 blocks is organized around a central courtyard on two levels. The buildings are juxtaposed in the landscape to create a series of l outdoor spaces.

Kairouan Conservation Programme

The rehabilitation projects include the restoration of key monuments, a comprehensive programme of conservation, as well as the socio-economic revival of the medina which has fallen into a state of neglect.

Kampung Kali Cho-de

Village improvement programme to upgrade a squatter settlement by building permanent housing out of timber and bamboo to create an urban version of the traditional tribal house.

Palace Parks Programme

Restoration of a series of Ottoman palatial complexes which have been recognized as an important elements of Istanbul's urban heritage and landscape. The restored structures are open to the public as educational and recreational facilities.

Panafrican Institute for Development

Complex divided into three distinct areas: a teaching, administrative, and public centre with classrooms; second, an administrative center with a library; thirdly, six blocks of student housing and nine detached houses for teachers.

Stone Building System

Low-cost, effective, speedily erected building with high dependency on local basalt stone based on a construction system of stone arches. This simple form, based on a 5m span is repeated and adapted to meet the needs of a particular brief.