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AKDN updates: COVID-19

COVID-19 is a new virus that spreads through drops of saliva from the mouth or droplets from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes. COVID-19 is not "just" the flu. It is much more contagious and can spread rapidly through our communities.

AKDN COVID-19 Staying safe at home and work - English, Français, Português, Arabic-العربية, Russian-Русский, Kyrgyz - Кыргызча, Urdu-اردو, Farsi-فارسی

AKDN COVID-19 FAQs - English (PDF), Français, Português, Russian-Русский, Kyrgyz - Кыргызча, Dari-دری, Urdu-اردو, Arabic- العربية

AKDN COVID-19 Mask guidance - English, Français, Português, Russian-РусскийKyrgyz - КыргызчаFarsi-فارسی , Dari-دری , Urdu-اردو, Arabic-العربية

AKDN Special bulletin - English, Français, Português, Kyrgyz - Кыргызча, Russian-Русский, Tajik-Tочики, Shughni-Хугьнуон, Hindi-हिन्दी, Bangla-বাংলা, Gujarati-ગુજરાતી, Swahili, Pashto-پښتو , Arabic-العربية , Dari-دری , Farsi-فارسی , Urdu-اردو

Announcement (AKDN pulls together in response to the COVID-19 pandemic - Update 14 April 2020) - English, Arabic-العربية, Français, PortuguêsRussian-Русский