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Aga Khan Agency for Habitat

AKAH supports Tajikistan’s Emergencies Committee to strengthen existing capacity

Last month, a five-day training on the use of hazard assessment and disaster management technologies, including Geographic Information System (GIS) and the application of drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), was conducted for the specialists of the Emergencies Committee of Tajikistan by the Aga Khan Agency for Habitat. Within the course of the training, the specialists were taught how to use GIS and UAV for hazard assessment, hazard prediction, emergency planning and management and how to make best use of technologies when disaster areas are inaccessible during emergency cases.

AKAH supports improvement of water supplies in remote areas of Tajikistan

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed by the Aga Khan Agency for Habitat (AKAH) and the Tajikistan’s State Sanitary Epidemiological and Surveillance Service (SSESS) on improving water supplies. The initiative will build on the work started under the framework of Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation Management project, funded by the Swiss Cooperation Office in Tajikistan and implemented by the Aga Khan Foundation Tajikistan, in collaboration with AKAH, the Mountain Societies Development Support Programme, the Aga Khan Health Services and the Branch of the Institute of Professional Development. “This partnership is a great opportunity for both AKAH and SSESS to join efforts in providing safe, adequate and accessible drinking water to communities through providing reliable water quality services right at the source and on sites,” highlighted Mr. Hadi Husani, the CEO of AKAH Tajikistan.

Conference on snow leopard protection issues held in Dushanbe

On 29-31 October in Dushanbe, the Aga Khan Agency for Habitat (AKAH) hosted a conference entitled "Snow Leopard Conservation through Effective Habitat Management". The conference was organised in close partnership with UNDP’s Global Environmental Facility Project and enabled the participants to be provided with updates on organisations’ activities in the area of snow leopard protection and get involved in the development of action plan for the snow leopard conservation in Tajikistan. AKAH aims to strengthen sustainable wildlife conservation and enhance habitat management practices through its pilot project entitled "Protecting the Snow Leopard Population Through Effective Habitat Management".



Inter-Agency Simulation Exercise for government agencies and international organisations on response to damaging earthquake

Dushanbe: A two day Inter-Agency simulation exercise by government agencies, members of the Unified State System on Preparedness and Response to emergency situations and international organizations, members of the Rapid Emergency Assessment and Coordination Team (REACT) was successfully completed on 16 October 2019. The Simulation Exercise was jointly organised by the CoES, the UN Resident Coordinator Office in Tajikistan and UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, with close involvement and support from the different organisations including UN World Food Programme, the Aga Khan Agency for Habitat and the OSCE.