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Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan

Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan


Mission: The mission of AKES,P is “to enable many generations of students to acquire both knowledge and the essential spiritual wisdom needed to balance that knowledge and enable their lives to attain the higher fulfillment”

Vision: A dynamic learning organisation achieving excellence

Purpose: Reaching out to inspire better lives

Values: Respect | Fairness | Integrity | Passion | Rigor | Creativity Moreover, AKES,P seeks to graduate students who are ‘confident, critically conscious, creative, lifelong learners, who are active and ethical citizens for the pluralist world’.

Permissible Business Activities: The first Aga Khan School was established in 1905 in Gwadar, Pakistan. Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan (AKES,P) currently operates 160 schools and four hostels that provide quality pre-school, primary, secondary, and higher secondary education services to students all across Pakistan, These schools have an enrolment of about 42,000 students and employ over 2,000 teachers. AKES,P is also supported by more than 2,000 volunteers. 

A significant proportion of students impacted by AKES in Pakistan is from the rural areas. A great majority of them are females. Strong efforts are made to continue to improve the quality of education in some of the remotest parts of the country. In Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral (GBC), Aga Khan Schools were set up in the 1940s and have since then contributed significantly to increase the rate of literacy and socio-economic development in these regions.

AKES,P currently operates 152 schools in GBC, four in Karachi, three in Hyderabad and rural Sindh and one in Hafizabad, Punjab. All Aga Khan Schools follow the national curriculum and place special emphasis on the teaching of English, Mathematics, Science and Information and Communication Technologies.

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Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan.
AKDN / Noor Fareed

Status of Company: Not for profit company licensed under Section 42 of the Companies Act 2017.

Company Registration Number: 0014226 Old CUIN Number: 9323/19860307
Company Tax Number: 1356915-5


Regd. Address:
1-5/B-VII, Federal ‘B’ Area Karimabad
Telephone: (92-21) 36826764

Regional Educational Office Gilgit-Baltistan
Karakoram International University Road
Near Shah karim Hostel, Konodass Gilgit, Gilgit Baltistan
Telephone: (05811) 454191 - 2

Regional Educational Office Chitral
Main Garamchasha Road,
Chitral, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Telephone: (0943) 412799, 413568, 413569


Name Moez Narsi - Chairman
Qualification FCA, CIA, CISA, CMA
Profession Head of Finance & Company Secretary at Khadi, Pakistan
Name Nimmet Hirji - Director
Qualification BA, Development Psychology; Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Early Years)
Profession Director, Aga Khan Education Services, SA
Name Gulzar Ghulamali Khoja - Director
Qualification FCA
Profession Director Finance & Operation, Aga Khan Education Services, SA
Name Suleman Shahbuddin Chhagla - Director
Qualification F.C.A.
Profession Self employed
Name Amin Kamruddin Gulamani - Director
Qualification  MBA, Human Resource Management
Profession Head of Human Resources at UBL Fund Managers
 Name Mir Afzal Khan Jan Tajik - Director
 Qualification PHD, Education
 Profession Associate Professor and Member University Senate Nazarbayev University, Graduate School of Education Astana, Kazakhstan
 Name Shezeen Salim Hemani - Director
 Qualification MBA
 Profession Faculty, Lahore University of Management Sciences
 Name  Rehmat Wali Khan - Director
 Qualification  MS, Project Management
 Profession  Education Officer, SAAAR Human Resource Development Centre
Name Moin Uddin Mujjeb Uddin - Director
Qualification PhD, Project Management
Profession Director, TPS Hospitality
Name Shahid Hub Ali - Director
Qualification BSc (Hons) Chemistry
Profession Director General, Karakoram International University
Name Altaf Qamruddin Gokal - Director
Qualification FCA Finance
Profession CFO & Company Secretar, EFU General Insurance


Head of Internal Audit: Malik Pirani.
Name of Auditor of the Company: KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co
Legal Advisor: Salim Gulam Husein
Tax Advisor: Akber G Merchant & Co
For Complaints: Registered Office Number: +92-21-36822955
Last Date on which website was updated: 25 March 2019