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Aga Khan Cultural Service - Pakistan

Aga Khan Cultural Service - Pakistan


Status of the company: Not for profit company licensed under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984.

Vision: Undertake restoration and rehabilitation of historic structures and common spaces in ways that can spur social, economic, institutional and cultural development.


Development through culture

Focus on placing heritage conservation within larger context of community development. Goal to help communities manage social, cultural and economic changes in such a manner that they do not adversely impact on environmental and cultural heritage, while engaging in appropriate sustainable development.

Key principles 

  • Infuse new life to historic landmark buildings
  • Make restored buildings economically sustainable through adaptive re-use
  • Serve as nucleus for comprehensive area revitalization

Company Registration No          0025223 
Company Tax Number               2586465-3 

Registered Office: Karachi: New Jubilee Insurance House, 5th Floor, I.I. Chundrigar Road
Gilgit office: Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Jutial, Gilgit, Gilgit-Baltistan
Lahore Office: House 7/10 Sundardas Road, Zaman Park
Islamabad: Office Serena Business Complex
Phone numbers: Karachi Tel: (92-.21) 324 11141 Gilgit Tel: (92-.5811) 455 643 Lahore: Tel: (92-42) 36286371-3 Islamabad Tel: (92-51) 2072 500-30
Email address:


Name Akbar Ali Pesnani
Qualification 1976 Cost and Management Accountant from the ICMAP. Fellow member of ICMAP; -1975 Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Florida, Gainesville, USA; -1973 Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan; Fellow member ICA; -1969 Bachelors of Commerce-University of Karachi
Profession Management, Development
Name Dr. Sharif Ullah Khan
Qualification MBBS from Ayub Medical College Abbottabad Pakistan
Profession Health, Development
Name Hafiz ur Rehman Sher Ali
Qualification Masters of Science in Architecture Studies (S.M.Arch.S.) from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA
Profession Planner and Architect, Development
Name Muhammad Yousuf Hussainabadi
Qualification MA Islamic Studies Punjab University Lahore (1978)
Profession Educationist
Name Nazir Ahmed
Qualification M.Sc. Economics and International Development
Profession Development 
Name Nishat Riaz
Qualification Engineering degree in Electronics and Communications
Profession Educiationist and Development
Name Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan
Qualification 1979 M.A Political Science (Punjab University)
Profession Governor Gilgit-Baltistan Politics
Name Yasmeen Merchant
Qualification Master of Business Administration
Profession Business Development
Name Ameen Lakhani
Qualification MBA Finance
Profession Finance, Hospitality and Development
Name Salman Beg
Qualification MBA LUMS (1997)
Profession Development, Management

  Name of Auditor of the Company: KPMG Taseer Hadi & Company


UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Conservation Awards-AKCSP

  • 2002 Award of Distinction,  Ganish Settlement Rehabilitation, Hunza
  • 2003 Award of Distinction, Restoration of Astana (historic tomb) of Syed Mir Muhammad in Khanqah Settlement, Khaplu
  • 2004  Award of Excellence, Baltit Fort and Karimabad Project, Hunza
  • 2005 Award of Merit, Amburiq Mosque Shigar
  • 2006 Award of Excellence, Restoration and Re-use ofShigarFortPalace
  • 2007 Award of Distinction, Altit Settlement, Hunza
  • 2008 Award of Merit, Shigar Village Settlement
  • 2009 Award of Distinction, Ali Gohar House, Ganish, Hunza
  • 2010 Award of Distinction, Gulabpur Khanqah, Shigar
  • 2011 Award of Distinction, Altit Fort Hunza, Pakistan
  • 2012 Award of Merit, Khilingrong Mosque Shigar, Pakistan
  • 2013 Award of Distinction, Khaplu Palace Baltistan, Pakistan
  • 2014 Honourable Mention, Gali Surjan Singh Project, Lahore

UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Conservation Awards-Community

  • 2007 Award of Merit, Astana of Syed Mir Yahya, Skardu, Pakistan

Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Awards

  • 1997 Baltit Fort , PATA Grand Award
  • 2006, Shigar Fort, PATA Gold Award

British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow Awards

  • 2000, Tourism for Tomorrow Award, Baltit Fort and Karimabad Environmental Project

Virgin Responsible Tourism Awards

  • 2008, Best for Conservation of Cultural Heritage Award, Restoration and Re-use of Shigar Fort-Palace
  • 2012, Khaplu Palace & Residence, received Highly Commended in ‘Best in poverty reduction’

Time Magazine Best of Asia

  • 4th July, 2005, Best Restored Treasure, Baltit Fort Hunza Valley, Pakistan

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