19 September 2018

Following the Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) that damaged over 40 households in Badswat and its surrounding villages in Immit Valley in #GilgitBaltistan, the #AgaKhan Agency for #Habitat (AKAH...

19 September 2018
On 22 and 23 Sept, Open House London celebrates the city’s motley assortment of #architecture. One of the 10 best places to explore is the #AgaKhan Centre. #AKDN Read article: https://t.co/uvzNiWb6sC https://t.co/0jYE6ny8YN
19 Sep 2018

Chihilsitoon Garden and Palace rehabilitation

Over 9,000 building projects have been documented and are now available on archnet.org.  They range from rural schools to urban water towers, from state-of-the-art skyscrapers to modest mud-brick structures.
In 2017, the Aga Khan Award for Architecture was 40 years old, making it the oldest major award in the field.
$1 million
One million dollars are shared among prize winners, as determined by the independent Master Jury.  Half the prize money is a grant for promoting the replicable aspects of the design.