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  • In Bamako, Embalmali manufactures polypropylene bags for the packaging and transport of goods to local and export markets.
  • Panel board, Energie du Mali s. a.
Economic development

In Mali, as in other countries, the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development, through Industrial Promotion Services (IPS) has invested in projects to support the economic development of the country.

Embalmali makes polypropylene sacs for use by agri-businesses, particularly for flour, rice, sugar, salt, cereals, fertiliser, seeds, fodder and food for chickens and other animals, among other uses.

Embalmali has been ISO 90001: 2008-certified since 2013. ISO certification, which is known in 173 countries, is a gauge of the quality and rigor with which products are made.

In 2014, Embalmali received the Excellence Prize at the 4th edition of the Mali Quality Prize celebration organised by the Ministry of Industry. The objective of the prize is to promote the quality of Malian goods and to recognize those enterprises that are operating at a high level. Embalmali also represented Mali in the UEMOA prize ceremony in Burkina Faso.