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  • Panorama of Khorog Town, Tajikistan.
    AKDN / Mikhail Romanyuk
Khorog town planning initiative

The Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) is sponsoring a town planning initiative in Khorog with the aim of facilitating sustainable community development and heritage preservation. To this effect, in collaboration with representatives from the government and business, tourism and community groups, AKTC has developed a comprehensive master plan for the town of Khorog.

The aim of the initiative is to equip the town for the social, economic, cultural, demographic and administrative transformations that will accompany its future development, such as the growth of international tourism, the establishment of a new campus for the University of Central Asia, as well as increased relationships with neighbouring countries, especially Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and China. Specifically, the master plan provides a framework for the following improvements in Khorog town:

  • Upgrade sewer and water services, provide greater access to utilities for new housing, alleviate traffic problems and establish preventive measures to better respond to natural disasters;
  • Facilitate efficient land use, especially where land is in limited supply;
  • Create a complete urban environment, with a range of housing forms, business spaces and cultural venues which respond to the diverse needs of the community;
  • Reinvigorate the town centre and relocate housing growth away from peripheral areas in order to produce a stronger community focus, reliant upon pedestrian movement, efficient and affordable utilities and an environment conducive to tourism and university activities;
  • Focus growth on safe sites to reduce the natural hazard risks and divert growth from unsafe areas;
  • Promote green design to increase energy efficiency in housing and infrastructure.