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AKF programs responded to the devastating floods in Pakistan.AKF programs responded to the devastating floods in Pakistan.Approach
Aga Khan Foundation’s (AKF) approach to environmental problems links community development with natural resource management and alternative energy. By partnering with agencies in and outside the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), AKF aims to create sustainable solutions to environmental and social challenges, including resilience to climate change and natural disasters, conservation of natural resources and emergency relief.

AKF operates its environmental programs within an integrated framework. An example of the approach it shares with other AKDN agencies is Al Azhar Park in Cairo. When Egypt’s capital was drowning in high-rise buildings and overpopulation, AKDN transformed a centuries-old trash dump in the historic district into a 74-acre park. The project created jobs for poor residents of the adjacent neighborhood and provides a place where families and friends can exercise and spend time together. Now the second most visited site in Cairo, after the pyramids, the park is a catalyst for social, economic and cultural renewal.

Because environmental issues have wide-ranging impacts – on health, agriculture, livelihoods and education – Aga Khan Foundation USA’s (AKF USA) work to mitigate the effects of climate change and improve natural resource management is truly cross-cutting. Likewise AKF’s emergency relief programs help families affected by disasters to recover livelihoods, regain health and rebuild shelters and quality of life.

AKF USA also works with the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) and USAID to build transmission lines from AKFED’s hydropower plant in Tajikistan to remote villages in Afghanistan, across the Panj River. The steady supply of electricity will provide a sustainable source of light and heat to families and businesses. That reduces the demand for firewood, permits reforestation and brings new economic opportunities to the region.

AKF USA currently supports programs in Afghanistan, India, Mozambique, Pakistan and Tajikistan.

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