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Strengthening Sub-National Governance in Afghanistan

Basic info

Despite significant international investment in security and livelihoods in Afghanistan, crucial elements of governance are often neglected.  A particular weakness is mid-level governance at the cluster, district and provincial levels. Building on AKF’s ongoing work improving village-level governance through the National Solidarity Program, this is the first project to address the overlooked intermediate layers of government in Afghanistan needed for effective development planning and economic development.

Specifically, the program works to: make these levels of government more transparent and accountable, expand the programming of provincial government departments, create more coordinated development plans, and improve the ability of local NGOs to work effectively in governance. The program also provides micro-grants to fund local development projects that build on the program’s training and directly benefit local communities. Through improved local governance capacity and services, the program aims to boost constituents’ satisfaction with their local structures, ultimately making legal livelihoods more attractive and poppy cultivation less so.


Other focus areas
Rural development, women’s development

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